Try out These Simple Remedies That Ensure to Alleviate Back Pains!

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Unfortunately there are thousands who suffer chronic back pain, with no certain cure. Sadly once this problem starts they have to survive on trial treatments that would work best in their favor.

Medical approaches have always focused on the anatomical problems related to back pain issues.Of course the pain is a habitat of human anatomy but there is more than treating just the medial issue. Try-out a well-rounded approach instead.

Here are some borrowed tips from renowned medical therapist, try them out and pick out the one that would suit you best.

back pain treatementReleasing Inner Endorphins:

Endorphins are natural hormones that are great as manufactured pain medications. When endorphins are released in the body, they help block pain system from registering with the brain. Try out these following activities to release these feel-good messengers;

  • Aerobic exercise.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Deep breathing.
  • Meditation.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Laughing and smiling.
  • Eating dark chocolate.
  • Listening to music you love.
  • Being social.

Get Enough Sleep:

Pain is the number cause of insomnia. Almost 2/3 people suffering from sleep disorders are patients of chronic back pain. Paradoxically inadequate sleep can make back pain worse. There are many ways of treating sleep problems that accompany lower back pain

  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Psychological techniques.
  • Cutting back on caffeine.
  • Eating the correct foods.
  • Getting the right amount of exercise.
  • Writing your worries down.

 Exercise the Core Area:

The muscles and abs play a critical role in supporting the back lumbar spine. Sitting static in a position, lack of movement and not getting a good workout throughout a normal day these all lead to back problem. For such cases Back Exercises and Abdominal Exercise are strictly recommended.

Soothe the Pain with Temperature:

Extremes of temperatures can have great effect on the back pain.Don’t underestimate them instead try out the hot and cold therapy.

Cold application has two primary benefits;

  • It reduces inflammation, which usually occurs with back pain.
  • It acts as a local anesthetic by slowing down nerve impulses, which keeps the nerves from spamming and causing pain.

&Heat application also has two primary benefits;

  • It stimulates blood flow, which brings healing nutrients to the affected area of the low back.
  • It inhibits the pain messages being sent to the brain.


Stretch your Hamstrings Daily:

This is one of the easiest things one can try out to alleviate back pain. Gently stretch your hamstrings. Tightened hamstrings place additional stress across back and sacroiliac joint, increasing the pain. Hence it’s better to practice hamstring stretch twice daily. There are other gentle stretching exercises that one can try.

Keep your Mind Engaged:

Keep your brain engaged and don’t let the pain stress you.Develop skills for your brain to reduce or ignore pain signals.

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Select your Mattress with Care for a Better Sleep Experience!

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How important can be your mattress to you; have you ever spared a thought for it? Just buying a costly branded mattress for the bed doesn’t mean you will have a better sleep. Your comfort is proportional to the way you feel when you lie on it. And if you are pinning with a severe back problem then think twice about the one you select.

Best is to find out what will suit you best. In earlier days, the most recommended solution for a back pain patient was to sleep on a thin layer of kapok on a slatted wooden base, similar like todays futons. This was considered ideal for aeration underneath and proved a suitable surface to sleep on.

right matress for back painNow with changed times and demands, craftsmen have improved the art of mattress making and are catering much better variety and types. The mattresses now have a densely sprung pocket-spring on a dense base. They have a dense inner architect of independently acting spring that can bear the person aloft on top of the bed. The up-thrust is so technically designed that it helps a person turn unconsciously in his sleep.

So when buying a mattresses, taking the back problem into consideration choose the one  which  stays firm and resilient if you plonk down on the side of it, to sit. It should not collapse under you in a deep scoop under your bottom but should almost feel too jarring.

Finally make it a point to try out the mattress in the store before you buy one. If you are sure about the right one you can have it ordered online, but best is to be present physically. When testing the bed it’s important to lay on it once, and look for special features like springiness. After you are done with the mattress selection, remember you need a back pillow. Every time you sit up you need to support the back.

Perhaps you think that your duty is over, now that you own the right bed and mattress and a pillow for your back. Maybe .But the best furnishings in the world are just not your answer to a better back, you need a daily decompression routine with a balm massage from time to time, this will help keep your back healthy and prevent further degeneration.

If the idea suits you and you want to experience relief then implement these little changes and curb the pain.

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How Easy Is It To Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

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The body of an average human female goes through dramatic changes at the time of pregnancy. With hormones wreaking havoc in the usual physical system and with the effort that goes into dealing with mood swings and morning sickness, it is the issue of undeniable weight gain that tends to take a rather oppressive form. Pain in the back thus, results as an inevitable consequence of body mass and weight enhancement and that too within a very short span of time. With so much to take care of already, adding backaches to the list can get very annoying indeed.

pregnancy back pain

Considering the fact that this is an issue that most mothers to be face at some point of pregnancy or the other, apt solutions have also been introduced by health care experts to take care of the same. Pregnancy back pain in fact, can be controlled / prevented by incorporating certain very simple changes while conducting oneself in everyday life.

Say for example, for those who have the tendency to slouch should be aware of when they are slouching and straighten up.

Secondly, it is imperative to sleep on comfortable mattresses preferably on the side in the latter part of the pregnancy. In the initial stages, one can sleep on the back with comfortable pillows / cushions under the knees.

Thirdly, regular exercising like light walking and yoga can help tremendously in keeping such problems at bay.

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The Truth Behind Non Smokers Report Less Back Pain

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Here is the moment of truth … Smokers should be aware about the undeniable truth that besides the irreparable damage they are causing to their lungs, they are also inflicting equal damage to their bones especially the back bone as well. For those in the process of laughing it out loud, a few medically proven facts is sure to add a couple of furrows to the forehead.

smokng and back pain

To begin with, studies have shown that nicotine tends to slow down the production of osteoblasts or, bone forming cells thus, thinning the density of the skeletal system. As a result, the bones including the backbone become weaker over a very small period of time, making them more prone to injuries and resultant pain.

Secondly, it has also been shown through numerous studies conducted by medical experts that smoking decreases absorption of calcium from the daily diet. This increases fragility of the bones to the extent of causing osteoporosis.

Thirdly, smoking reduces oxygen supply as much to the bones as to the rest of the body. The consequences are obvious.

So the fact that non smokers report less back pain should be considered with all due respect by the smokers, because this happens to be the ‘truth’. Giving up on nicotine and reintroducing oneself to healthier options of living is something that should be put into effect as soon as possible.

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Curing Arthritis the Effective way

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We all have heard of the auto immune disease called arthritis. Fitness enthusiast will laugh it off as just another health problem, but what about the many restricted with by work within closed doors. A professional will tell you how unbearable it is even to bear a back pain forget having arthritis.

arthrities pain


  • Unbearable joints pain.
  • Swelling, inflammation even deformity of joints, stiffness in the fingers, arms, legs, and wrists occurring in the same joints on both sides of the body, especially upon awakening.
  • z Many cases may include fever, chills, joint inflammation, tenderness, and sharp pain that is associated with an injury or infection elsewhere in your body.

Get help! It is the only way you can survive this pain as no self-treatment works. Consulting a doctor is must.

  • At present doctors use NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) without thinking twice. These are pain relief drugs for arthritis pain medication. The drugs prevent the inflammatory substance. But this is a temporary treatment as this can only reduce pain and inflammation but cannot stop the progression of arthritis. So it’s not advisable to simply depend on these shots. These medications thus include a combined intake of additional drugs like Aspirin, Indomethacin, Celebrex, and Ibuprofen and so on.
  • The second-line of medication includes intake of Cytotoxic Drugs. It stops the progression of the rheumatoid arthritis but has serious side effects in the process.
  • Third type is Glucocorticoid including prednisone, prednisolone and dexamethasone. But this medication too has its negatives; they can’t prevent the progression and joints damage. What’s worse, they would bring serious side effects to patients, such as rarefaction of bone, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and infections by bacteria and virus, aseptic necrosis of bone and so on.

Where all medication fails the traditional Chinese method becomes the only answer to such cures. Heat-clearing, damp-clearing and detoxifying are some of the steps followed in the cure process. Learn more about this old medication form from experts online.

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Best Sleeping Positions For Best Backbone Health

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We will only be lying to ourselves if we say that we have never in our lives experienced a nagging neck and back pains after a supposedly good sleep. It gets worse when these aches and pains keep on continuing day after day. While trying to locate the cause, individuals come up with many a different and fancy reasons, like the onset of osteoporosis, diminishing bone density, indication of certain deep set diseases etc. This happens all the more when the matter revolves around back pain.

best sleeping positions to avoid pain

What we often tend to overlook though is the role that our everyday sleeping positions play in earning these discomforts. This goes out to all those who find peace in scrunching up in the couch in front of the TV and doze off for the next 8 hours. This also goes out to everyone who forgets investing in a mattress for over 2 decades. People using wrong pillows, propping them too high or too low should also bring the matter to their notice.

Incorporating best sleeping positions as a part and parcel of one’s everyday routine is critical when it comes to keeping one’s backbone in perfect shape. Laying down straight on the back on a comfortable mattress with pillows that adjust the neck position well can go a long way to keeping your skeletal system free of aches and pains.

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Embrace Yoga For Prevention Of Spinal Problems

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More often than not, as has been experienced by millions, people begin to take notice of their health issues only when it is too late. Till then, most individuals are so engrossed with making or breaking their immediate lives that, general health and fitness is taken shamelessly for granted. Among the most common problems that are experienced by almost every living human being, be it after a certain age or much before that; back related issues can be crowned the King. It begins with simple intermittent backaches which eventually grow into complex Spinal health problems that is only regretted and lamented by the suffering party.

yoga for pain recovery
For those thinking that spinal problem is but a curse from heaven for tripping a blind puppy for fun or crimes of the like think again. While it is true that such dastardly acts are aptly avenged by unseen forces, keeping your back in perfect shape is but your own choice. Embracing simple and applicable yoga postures into one’s everyday routine can be mentioned as perhaps, the best way of prevention of spine related problems in the very first place. Postures like the boat and the bridge can be performed easily within a matter of minutes with unbelievable results that are sure to last till the golden years of one’s life.

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Why You Should Never Be Your Own Pain Management Doctor

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Nursing yourself back to health from a cause that may have resulted in way too much pain than what can possibly be tolerated by a person under normal circumstances, is never as easy as perhaps, nursing a flat tire in your vehicle. There are times when people suffering from causes like rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, slipped discs etc. had tried to wish their pain away or wish themselves away for that matter, as a desperate attempt to emancipate them from the overbearing rather excruciating pain. For all you know, on earning such debilitating causes of pain, one can take it for granted that the journey will never been smooth sailing or completely pain free even with medication, at least in the first stages of managing the issue.

pain management

Under such circumstances, certain rebellious patients make drastic attempts at doing away with their troubles instantly, by becoming their own doctor. It all starts with recommending oneself with over-dosage of strong pain medication especially those that are prescription drugs; substances that are sure to come with side effects when used wrongly. In fact, this has so far been one of the most common ways of self treatment of chronic pain, but with more of adverse effects than otherwise. Assuming the role of one’s own pain management doctor especially when degrees and diplomas in the concerned field are strictly missing is something like a crime being committed against oneself.

Being guided by no other motive than the urgency to be relieved of the ordeal, counters the very purpose of pain-control followed by the negation of any long term successful outcomes. Till date, a number of cases have come into light where the concerned individuals perpetuated the cause of the pain and added a few more to the existing list by trying to doctor themselves through the torment. Using prescriptions offered by certified doctors in ways not prescribed is but the beginning of the drama. Patients have also been seen to go further into obscure directions as their chosen ways of pain management.

Approaching psychic healers and witch doctors; approaching wizards and using hex bags have surprisingly made their impact felt in certain otherwise upcoming modern cultures of certain parts of the world. Crowning the World Wide Web as an infallible source of all solutions has added to the concern of real doctors. Relying on certain obscure write-ups that may have been floating around offering quick tips and effective reliefs from impossible tribulations seems to impress those in the process of earning on-the-spot pain relief.

If this source however, is used to launch a search for some very qualified, certified, noted and successful pain management doctors, patients are sure to have a greater chance at quicker relief. In very simple words, it is wise to experience a little pain while relying on qualified doctors and therapists to chalk out a route to complete healing of the root cause which is causing all the trouble in the first place. There is basically, no shortcut to relief from chronic aches. It is best to walk the charted path than suffer more in the longer run.

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