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Trust Magical Remedial Measures with Natural Herbs to Cure Body Pain

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You must have heard at some point of time or the other that there are certain herbs and roots that can cure body pain of various kinds with satisfactory results if remedial measures are taken properly. The truth is that magical remedial measures with herbs like ones mentioned below can cure any pain or ache in body effectively.

Turmeric: amazing anti inflammatory properties. This particular herb is an amazing one that is popularly utilized across the Asian countries to provide the distinctive color and flavor to various culinary dishes. Turmeric is considered to be an important spice in most homes these days, the importance of its medicinal properties has made it invade kitchen shelves around the world.

It helps in healing of wounds, both internal and external. It is known to help in curing all kinds of digestive problems, skin related problems, helps to control pain during injuries, bruises, cuts, sprains or any physical strain in the human body. The spice has a magical ingredient called curcumin, which helps in curbing the growth of enzymes that cause inflammation during any wounds.

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Tips- You can either keep the powdered turmeric available in the market, which can be taken with milk or plain water too. Simply add a pinch or about half a tea spoon at the maximum, of the powder and drink it. Or simply pick up supplements if you do not want to include it in your diet in any form.

Ginger: Excellent for curing body aches and digestive disorders. This herb is utilized for curing all kinds of ailments like chronic body pains, digestive disorders etc. It works like magic when it comes to curing chronic body pains like arthritis, muscle cramps, soreness, headaches due to sinus, migraines, helps to get rid of vomiting and nausea too. Ginger has excellent anti inflammatory properties too and helps to heal internal problems related to digestive system.

Tips- Add fresh grated ginger as garnish to any dish. Ginger can be added to tea, with milk or even in black tea to bring in that aromatic flavor. Ginger powder is also effective to bring out flavor.

Raw ginger can be used as a compress to heal body aches too. Grate the ginger, tie up in a piece of cloth and dip it in hot water for a few minutes. And allow to cool a bit. Then place the small bundle on the affected area. Repeat for at least ten to fifteen minutes each day.

Valerian Root: Amazing herb that helps to relieve and cure body pain and aches. It is one of the most magical herbs that has tranquilizing properties. It helps to relieve stress related pain and aches. Helps to relax nerves, reduce tension, cures sleeplessness issues, and basically acts as a soothing agent.

Tips- Add Valerian roots to tea and see the difference it makes to cure your pain.

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Generalized View on Foods to Prevent Pain

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Did you know that there are many types of food products and items that can help to prevent various types of body pain if not consumed at all or had in small proportions? Well, that is the simple truth. Based on many different studies, there are reports suggesting that certain food products can cause irritation to muscles and fluids in the joints, certain items cause acid reflux and so on. So many patients are advised to stay away from such foods. There are some food items that can cause sensitization in the spinal cord leading to inflammation, thereby increasing pain in patients who are already suffering from severe problems in the spinal cord. Now, let us first take a look at what foods need to be taken if you want to avoid body pain.

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 First and foremost, if you have a tendency of putting on weight, then certainly you must avoid dairy products like eggs, milk and milk products like cheese, butter, ice-cream, yogurt etc.  Many people are prone to develop problems like inflammation around the joints due to milk protein. Also, do not take fizzy drinks like colas, artificially flavored fruit drinks, fabricated drinks of any kind as all these have harmful chemicals that might trigger up your joint pains. 

Even try to stay away from sugar and sugary food items like pastries, cakes and other confectionaries that are rich in sugar. The sugar increases insulin levels thereby increasing pain in joints and other prone areas. Stay away from red meats as these are very rich and can be a major reason for your fat increase. In order to lead a healthy life and that too without pain in any part of your body, always maintain a balanced diet, so that your body weight and mass are kept in control.

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Now, to get relief from severe pain it is always better to avoid certain fruits too like citric fruits be it oranges, lemons of all kinds or juices of these fruits. Many people have benefited by avoiding these food items. However, since there are different types of pains that people tend to develop, it is always better to consult a doctor or a physician before planning on a diet for joint pain patients. Since some of the above mentioned food items are best avoided even for people without any body pain or ache, this is just a generalized view.

 In order to help decrease joint pain, there are recommendations to take in some nuts like walnuts that have the essential omega 3 fats which are very good for preventing joint pains as these are said to reduce inflammation and help to keep pain in control. Cod liver oil capsules or simply consuming the fish in variety of cooked dishes and recipes also helps. Try to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and use olive oil in your diet plan. This can help too.


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