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Pain procedure has close connection with body and mind

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Are you suffering from a pain for a long time? If so, then you must be going through a hard time which not only forces you to physically bear the pain but on the other hand it also keeping you aside from your regular activities of life leading you towards anxiety and depression. That is the natural outcome of every long term suffering due to a nagging pain. You stop enjoying your pastimes, your friend’s companies and always feel tensed, when this bout of pain will knock you down.

pain with body and mind

So a chronic pain often push you towards psychological problems which then makes it more difficult for the doctors to ascertain which is causing what. But to be very honest the physical and the mental both the parts are to be treated cautiously and carefully as both are equally important. In many cases it is found patients can not recover from a pain even after taking enough medication just due to psychological factors. John Sarno, a doctor of rehabilitative medicine has written an amazing as well as valuable book about this. He has studied that the patients who undergone a back surgery, actually had not much relation with their severity of pain. And people who have same physical conditions (according to their medical reports) are carrying on without any pain.

Patients who suffer from a regular pain usually have a definite physical reason for that, which is not a mental issue. But this also is true that a psychological factor definitely aggravates the suffering. If you can not totally overcome your chronic pain you need to learn chronic pain management strategy to keep up your spirit and manage your daily activities as well as you can.

While treating an patient, an ideal step should be to detect the cause of the pain first. The history has to be revealed. Next it is extremely important to sort out the factors which make it better or worse. The patient’s mental conditions are to be judged next and necessary actions must be chalked out to manage the pain both mentally and physically.

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Art of managing chronic body pain caused by body betrayal

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Are you one of those people who have complaints about developing or suffering from different types of body pain, more often than not? Are you always in a complaining mode due to some chronic pain in your body that refuses to go despite popping in pills and taking other remedial measures? Do you feel betrayed by your body in the nick of time?

If the above questions are actually troubling you, then there are some essential tips that you must look into if you want a perfectly healthy body, mind and soul, and you want to get complete hold of body betrayal, so that your body will perform at its full potential at all times. These are:

chronic body pain

You must learn the art of developing a positive frame of mind. This will help you to cope with any kind of chronic pain easily and without facing any trauma or ill effects. Also, this way ,your mental frame work will be geared and charged up in such a way that at any point of time, despite having some discomfort in your body, you will not succumb to pressure and will be in complete charge and full of confidence to tackle every situation.

Next, learn the art of power sleep: This means that you must take short five minute or ten minute naps, at the work place or even at home, you can take a short walk too, if taking power nap is not possible. This way, your body and mind will get rejuvenated and come back to its original ready to perform mode.

Learn the art of Meditation: If you develop the habit of meditation and self relaxation methodologies, you will soon find that your body ache and pain will reduce significantly. The fact is that your brain sends out soothing signals to different parts of your body when you meditate and relax your nerves. This also helps in relieving stress, tensions and any sort of headache that was affecting you due to extreme anxiety.

Remember that any sort of chronic pain or illness in your body has some connection to your mental setup. So, if your mental setup is in proper alignment and has positive signals being sent to the different parts of your body, very soon you will find that half of your body ache and illnesses have simply vanished. Your body will never ever betray you.

The soothing of brain cells acts like magical potent to cure any sort of pain or illness. However, do not prolong any such issue if pain persists even after taking such measures and seek medical help.

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