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An Insight into Chiropractic Adjustment Treatment

August , Wed , 2017

If you are going to visit a chiropractor pretty soon, read out this brief piece of tips.

Once you reach the chiropractic wellness center, you’ll be asked to brief about your health conditions, followed by physical examination by a chiropractor. Subsequent to this, your spinal condition will be put through several tests to identify the potential areas to be treated throughout the course. Many a time, it happens that chiropractic treatment gets extended with many other tests and examinations, such as X-rays.
What does the treatment involve?

In the beginning of the treatment, you will be placed in some specific positions by your chiropractor to treat the affected body areas. More often than not, you are placed facing down on the chiropractic table. Following this, the specialist will apply sudden or controlled force to your joints, pushing them beyond their normal motion range. You may also hear some cracking or popping sounds as they move your joints with the required force during the session.

The additional therapies

Quite often, chiropractor has to recommend other supporting treatments and examinations for the patient. It comes in combination with chiropractic adjustment, and may include the below:

  • Weight loss treatment
  • Massage
  • Heat or ice treatment
  • Exercise
  • Stretching
  • And, electrical stimulation

Post chiropractic adjustment

You may not recover absolutely after a chiropractic treatment. Many patients experience minor side effects such as pain post the adjustment. This may include headache, fatigue and pain in the parts of the body that has been treated.


Although, much of the studies say that chiropractic adjustment offers only modest health benefits; it is effective with chronic low back pain and spinal discomfort as well. Quite similar to the conventional pain relief treatment, chiropractic adjustments mainly indulges in-spinal manipulation that further works with headaches and other spinal conditions, for example – the neck pain.

Important note: Not all respond to chiropractic adjustments. Quite a lot depends upon one’s particular medical conditions and physical situations.  If you realize your symptoms are not improving even after a considerable period of treatment, consult the specialist and request for alternative.  If it is a medical practice like NoPainNY, you might receive alternative treatment at the same center and immediately.

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