Pain management after a surgery has become an advanced process now

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Pain management is an important and integral part of modern medical treatment. Especially after a surgery, the doctors in hospitals and rehab centers treat it as an indispensable part of recovery. In various situations doctors use various types of pain management techniques depending on the nature and intensity of pain. Some times local anesthetics are used with the help of a shot or a lotion.

Although it brings a little numbness of the skin in that particular area but it definitely help the patient to bear the pain. It works well after undergoing an operation. It relieves you from the first few hours’ acute pain after the surgery. Sometimes anesthetics are injected in larger nerves to make a body part totally senseless while carrying out more critical operations.

Doctors often use anesthetics on spine which is a center of many nerves making a larger part of your body totally numb so that you can not feel the pain. In case of child birth this epidurals are commonly used. But this method has a little risk as it is injected in the spine and only expert anesthetics can perform such duties. Pain management is also done through intravenous medication. It brings instant relief for the patient but sometimes the effect remains for a shorter period. The nurses can push the medicines or else you can get it by a patient controlled analgesia machine at your bedside. But it is preferable if you can take oral medications. They have a more long lasting effect. But as it can affect stomach and intestine, usually doctors do not prescribe an oral painkiller unless the patient is enough well to eat.

Oral medications also causes constipation which is not desirable for a surgical patient this is also another reason oral drugs are used at a later stage after an operation. Apart from medicines ice packs also work well to give you relief in a pain after a surgery. There are hundreds of other procedures too which can come to help in lessening pain even not applying a medicine. If you can divert your attention from your pain to something else by talking to your near and dear ones or by listening to music or watching television that also work extremely well in many cases. Sometimes doctors treat pain procedure by prescribing anti-anxiety medicines, where they feel anxiety is contributing a lot to pain.

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