Back Pain Treatment


We live in an age where almost 80% of the population experiences lower back pain at some point of their lives or the other. The concept that these pains only become bothersome for older people is actually a myth. With hours at a stretch being spent in front of the computer, most probably holding a wrong posture all the while, can do little but cause harm to one’s musculoskeletal frame and thereby cause acute and recurring pain in both upper and lower back. These pains can sometimes be treated by rest and some ice packs. However, the condition tends to worsen if ignored for a long time. NopainNY provides back pain relief through holistic treatments and rehabilitation, thereby helping individuals to perform activities normally without having to endure aches and pulls.


Back Pain Relief


Back pain can be caused by many factors. It is true that majority of today’s individuals fall victim to back pain because of unlimited use of the computer while holding a wrong sitting posture. However, everything from a sports injury to weak bones and from auto accident to improper sleeping posture can cause pain. NopainNY is a back pain clinic that identifies the actual cause of the pain through tests and then provides you with comprehensive care for eradicating the pain from its roots. Our back pain treatment aims to give you back the freedom of movement so that you can do what you want to and need to do without having to worry about acute pains.


Back Pain Clinic


As your health and well being is of paramount importance to us, we make sure that you know the root cause of your back pain and therefore know its implications. We listen tour problems before starting the severe back pain treatment and give you suggestions on little lifestyle changes along with physical therapy and medications to help tackle the situation. Our extensive knowledge and huge experience in the field makes sure that you get relief from back pain and get back the control of your life.


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