Chronic Neck Pain Management


Gone are the days when chronic neck pain or rib pain used to be things that you just had to learn to live with. In the last few years, various researches have been conducted with the aim of finding effective methods to treat them and in the process, researchers, doctors and therapists learned new things about pain. More knowledge has been gained about its physiological and psychological basis which, in turn, has made way for comprehensive chronic pain management methods and related treatments.


Chronic Wrist & Rib Pain Management Treatment


Patients are often dismissed by therapists in the absence of a definitive cause of pain. However, the unidentifiable, anatomical cause does little more than worsening the chronic wrist pain or chronic rib pain which makes it even more difficult to treat in the future. Even though some pains have a tendency to resolve on their own, the risk of relapse and recurrence is too high, especially if the cause of the pain remains undetected.


Chronic Pain Treatment


At NopainNY, we focus on chronic pain treatments that are based on the systematic study of pain. Providing you with prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic pain disorders is our aim and our staff uses their extensive knowledge and experience to give you the most effective results.


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