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A quick read about chronic pain management
When your body pains, all you realize, somewhere something is wrong and it actually is. This is actually the way to let you know you are growing some problems within and consulting a specialist is the need of the hour. Pain has developmental steps; it starts with a mild feel and then grows to intermittent and severe. As per the recent reports of The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, if you leave an acute pain untreated, it will lead to chronic pain. The study further says that the chronic pain is one of the leading reasons along with cancer behind the disablement of people across the globe.

Understanding the difference between acute and chronic pain
If you’re trying to control your on-going pain, first identify the type of pain. Acute pains are sudden and they can last for short time or for up to a month. It can be treated with proper detection and treatment.
Then again, chronic pain is to go on and on; and there can be many causes behind. This may result from infection, injury or due to psychogenic reasons. Such pain can last for months and even years affecting your emotional and physical comfort and well-being.
How can you manage chronic pain yourself?
Try to stay hydrated throughout the day
According to specialists like the ones at No Pain New York, drink lot and lot of water in order to prevent the symptoms of chronic conditions from getting worsened. Some common conditions of chronic pain are back pain and headaches. It though seems hard to resist your craves for soda, coffee or any juice, but if you consume, it will hamper your body-hydration process. Water is the main hydrating resource for your body as it also helps to cut on extra calories, caffeine and sodium consumed.

Foods to limit and foods to eat
Diet is important for your well-being. As per the latest studies, foods that are easy-to-digest or unprocessed are good to consume. Omega-3 rich foods, leafy greens, asparagus, berries/cherries, pineapple, low-sugar fruits and soy products are the ones recommended as each of the items has excellent anti-inflammatory content and high-level antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of cardiac disease.
Inflammation is one of the leading causes of chronic pain. Certain chemically processed foods have potential to worsen the conditions of chronic pain symptoms. So, stay away from them! Here are a few common inflammation instigators, which you should avoid:

  • Posture perfect
  • Red wine/tea/coffee and soda
  • Wheat products
  • Processed foods
  • Citrus fruits
  • High-fat red meat
  • Dairy foods
  • Nightshade vegetables (eggplant, tomatoes)
  • Eggs and chocolate

Talk about your pain to an expert
Most often, people overlook the feel of mild pain when it starts to grow inside. Visit us at NYPMG, a trusted pain management center in NYC and you don’t have to worry about any lengthy treatment procedure or expensive consultation. We have been practicing as one of the renowned sports injury and pain management specialists in New York for several years now. We have a team of pain management specialists, who provide best treatment for pain relief and management.
At NYPMG, we provide pain management treatment at competitive price. With an assurance of a better health and body comfort, we invite you to have a talk with us about your pain. We promise you a pain-free tomorrow.

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