Reduce Excruciating Pain with Mild Exercises

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According to reports, in the US alone, more than a hundred patients go to visit a wellness center for treatment of pain in some part of the body or the other on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that most of these people had probably kept neglecting their pain for a long period of time. Mostly, people take these pain killers as they have no time to pay the doctor a visit. Some even think it to be a complete waste of time. Whatever the reason might be, negligence of body pain, no matter in which part of the body it is, can make matters worse. Such people have to eventually take a call and are forced to visit the doctor to get rid of excruciating pain.

However, there are certain precautions that can be taken to avoid facing any situation that makes it mandatory to take medication of any sort. So, what are these precautions? First and foremost, if you are working in any office and have to sit in a certain position for hours at a stretch, make sure to take short breaks in between to stretch and relax your leg and hand muscles. Take a walk in your office, albeit with small strides. No need to do brisk walking, simply walk at a normal pace.

If it’s just a cubicle that you have as your working space, simply standup and stretch a little, stretch your hands on top, rotate your hips and your legs once or twice. Take a walk around the office if possible. If you are in any other profession where you have to constantly be on your toes then make it a point to sit down for a few minutes. Stretch your back, bend it a little,and take in some fresh air in if possible. Do some breathing exercises. Rotate your head, sway it from side to side, bend your head in front just for a second and then bend it

All these above mentioned exercises are extremely mild and anyone can easily do these, one at a time or in combinations with one another. There are certain yoga poses that can bring relief to mild backaches and pain the neck area. But, it is always better to do mild yogic postures at home or in your office where there is enough space for you to lie down. A simple pose that you can do for back pain relief is to lie down on your stomach, pick up one leg at a time from the back, while you bend your neck back too. Release. Then repeat with the other leg. If done regularly, this exercise can help to cure any sort of back pain to a great extent.

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