Important Reasons why you Must not Ignore Foot Pain

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There are many reasons as to why you must immediately seek medical help from a specialized doctor or a podiatrist and not ignore your foot pain. However, the five important ones are:

Foot pain can lead to severe problems in your knee: Yes, this might sound strange, but it is the absolute truth. Years of experience and case studies have proved that any pain in the foot area that persists for quite sometime, can lead to a severe problem in the knee, which might affect the hip and the back too. If you have been suffering from a nagging pain in your foot and have developed a dragging style of walking, beware! This is a sign of inviting trouble to your knee. Do seek help from any specialist to get early diagnosis and treatment to avoid any severe problems.

Foot pain is a signal to let you know that there could be other problems in your body: If you suddenly notice that your feet hurt even when you simply stand up or you have a problem in walking properly due to slight pain in your feet, it is certainly time to take notice and seek medical advice. Many a times, foot ache is a signal sent by your brain to your body that there is something wrong with your entire system.

Prolonged foot pain can often mean body has started to develop stagnancy in the feet area: This means that with very long periods of pain in the foot area, there might develop a problem in the coordination of the brain and the development of new cells in the area. In such cases, no new cells are formed in the region of pain and this leads to more trouble, which can only be solved by a specialized doctor or a podiatrist.

Acute pain in the foot can be due to tiny fractures that often occur due to extreme pressure on particular spots : If you have been suffering from foot ache for more than two to three days, remember that this means you need immediate medical attention. Faulty body postures that pressurize particular areas in your foot can cause such problems like tiny fractures.

Severe foot pain can cause you to limp: Due to constant pain in your foot you might start limping. This can in due course, cause many problems and complications in your body like there could be lack of proper blood circulation, or your feet are too burdened due to extreme pressure and no rest, could be that your feet are not able to take the burden of your body weight or there could be any other problem which might need proper medication. If you happen to limp even after sitting in any particular position for long, or even after you get up from sleep, it is certainly time to take a call and visit your doctor.

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