Pain procedure has close connection with body and mind

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Are you suffering from a pain for a long time? If so, then you must be going through a hard time which not only forces you to physically bear the pain but on the other hand it also keeping you aside from your regular activities of life leading you towards anxiety and depression. That is the natural outcome of every long term suffering due to a nagging pain. You stop enjoying your pastimes, your friend’s companies and always feel tensed, when this bout of pain will knock you down.
So a chronic pain often push you towards psychological problems which then makes it more difficult for the doctors to ascertain which is causing what. But to be very honest the physical and the mental both the parts are to be treated cautiously and carefully as both are equally important. In many cases it is found patients can not recover from a pain even after taking enough medication just due to psychological factors. John Sarno, a doctor of rehabilitative medicine has written an amazing as well as valuable book about this. He has studied that the patients who undergone a back surgery, actually had not much relation with their severity of pain. And people who have same physical conditions (according to their medical reports) are carrying on without any pain.

Patients who suffer from a regular pain usually have a definite physical reason for that, which is not a mental issue. But this also is true that a psychological factor definitely aggravates the suffering. If you can not totally overcome your chronic pain you need to learn chronic pain management strategy to keep up your spirit and manage your daily activities as well as you can.

While treating an patient, an ideal step should be to detect the cause of the pain first. The history has to be revealed. Next it is extremely important to sort out the factors which make it better or worse. The patient’s mental conditions are to be judged next and necessary actions must be chalked out to manage the pain both mentally and physically.

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