Often mistaken as a minor cause of pain and aches that is part and parcel of getting older, arthritis is a condition that is actually the cause of acute and continued pain often responsible for activity limitations. The belief that only older people get affected by it is actually a myth. Nowadays, almost two thirds of those who are diagnosed with this immensely painful condition are people ranging from 20 to 40 years of age. Those who think rheumatoid arthritis treatment
is not necessary would be surprised to know that not only does this condition put increasingly heavier load over health care but is also a more frequent cause of activity limitations than heart problems, cancer or diabetes.




Research has proven that arthritis, though treatable, often becomes a serious health issue due to the ignorance of those who are suffering from it. Now, even more approaches are available than before to manage arthritis pain. At NopainNY, various kinds of medication for arthritis are prescribed to the patients based on the progress of their condition. For effective arthritis pain treatment, what we focus on is proper diagnosis of the condition and we make sure that the patients clearly understand what that means.




Our aim is to give back the freedom of movement to you by relieving you from arthritic pain through arthritis treatment New York. We will reduce your pain as much as possible through comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation. Once the pain has been successfully reduced, or ideally cured, other members of multidisciplinary team will be there to provide you with further help and suggestions on how to keep the pain in check.


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