Occupational Therapy Assistants & Occupational Programs


The last few decades have seen some drastic changes in lifestyles and with these changes have appeared certain health issues. Chronic pain is quite common which keeps intensifying with time. Whether one realizes it or not, this pain can affect all aspects of one’s life including how they move, think, eat, sleep, feel, and interact with others. Pain stops people from doing certain things in certain ways. People start adjusting their day to day activities around that pain. Quite naturally, this has some psychological impacts too. Frustration, anger and disappointment are bound to follow the inability to do something that one wants in the way they want.


This is where NopainNY’s occupational therapy programs can help one to manage the pain or ideally even cure it from the roots. Our occupational therapist can diagnose the cause of your pain and advice on planning, pacing, and prioritizing the activities. They can suggest you some techniques that will help you to save energy when you are doing certain tasks. They can tell you how to properly take care of your muscles and bones.


Our occupational therapy assistants are dedicated to help you understand how your body works and how you can incorporate certain changes in your lifestyle to manage your pain better. Moreover, with these changes you can also break the cycle of thinking about that pain and continue with the activities that you want to and need to do.