Orthopedic Therapy Clinic NYC


When acute pain hits, performing day to day activities becomes tough. There is nothing more painful than losing control of one’s life due to chronic pain that makes even moving around a mammoth task. It not only pains one physically, but also has some serious psychological after effects too. Despite the availability of effective treatments, there are many who have trained themselves to live with this pain due to their ignorance. The days of leaving a condition untreated for the inability to identify the cause are over.


Proper treatment can cure most orthopedic ailments from their roots. Giving you relief from pains and helping you to take control of your life again is what NopainNY aims at. We opine that in order to make the healing process more effective, one must understand their condition properly. That is why our orthopedic associates start with thorough diagnosis of the ailment and then proceed with educating you about it. Then you can take control of the orthopedic spine therapy and rehabilitation processes. NopainNY is an orthopedic therapy clinic that works with you and your therapists for achieving the best possible results.


Our inter-disciplinary team has made it its mission to treat your pain issues with a collaborative approach and thereby achieve the rehabilitation goals like relieving you of pain, regaining function and restoring your independence