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Pain –one word that nobody wants to associate themselves with but inevitably get stuck with! At some point of life or the other, we are bound to endure pains that not only affect our day to day life but also have some serious impacts on our psyche. Having to endure physical pain can lead to activity restriction which in turn cause frustration and anger. Living with pain, results in behavior changes sooner or later. But why would one need to live with pain in the first place? Gone are those days when one had to adjust their life around pain due to lack of proper diagnosis or treatment methods. The world has come a long way from there and constant researches, innovations and technological advancements have made pain management NYC a reality.

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No more of suppressing one’s pain and giving up activities because of it! NopainNY is a New York pain management clinic where the physicians are determined to provide you with the relief that you have been searching for so long. The comprehensive approach of our multidisciplinary team shows our passion for finding the right solutions to your pain! With a multitude of treatments, exercises and medications at your disposal, never again should you have to cringe in pain.

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Every pain management specialist at NopainNY believes in a standard practice of New York pain management that has factual research and medical advancements as its bedrock. Not all kinds of pain can be treated in the same way because not all pains stem from the same source. Thus, our first priority is to diagnose the cause of your pain and then implement the necessary treatment procedures. We work closely with you to help you adjust with the treatment process while helping you live your life normally.

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Our pain management doctors follow a clinical practice that focuses on non-invasive and mildly invasive solutions. We utilize the specialties of primary care, orthopedics, neurology, anesthesiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy. It is our aim to give you back the control of your life by making each day pain free.


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