Sports Injury Treatment New York


Various kinds of injuries occur during exercise and sports, most of which are acutely painful. While it is possible to hurt just about any part of one’s body during playing sports, the term sports injury is mainly applied to the injuries sustained to one’s musculoskeletal system. From sprains to strains, from shin splints to Achilles tendonitis and from dislocation of joints to rupture of tissues – everything can lead to acutely painful conditions which can be cured through of effective sports injury treatment. Serious sports injuries if not identified soon and treated properly can lead to not only painful conditions but also activity limitations. Many a times, rest and ice packs are enough to treat these pains; but for more intense conditions, holistic sports injury rehabilitation is needed.


Sports Injury Rehabilitation Clinic NYC


NopainNY is a sports injury clinic that focuses on healing sports injury pains through a combination of effective treatments that range from physical therapy to temporary rest and medication. It is our aim to identify the cause of your pain first and then inform you about the best ways to treat it. Once the healing part is complete, our rehabilitation therapists will guide you about the correct ways of pain management so that you can go about your activities as usual.