The Major Influences of NYC Pain Management

September , Wed , 2017

Pain management is one of those medical specialties, that is born out of need to treat diseases immediately. And, it is quite easy to guess, pain management is for treating all types of pain in human body. Being an ordinary, you can hardly figure out, what has caused that mild pain in your lower back after a sound sleep at night. Pains are of different types: acute pain, which starts without a hint and becomes unbearable. Then it comes to chronic pain, breakthrough pain, bone pain, soft tissue pain, referred pain, and a lot more. What has caused that morning pain will be pretty hard for you to decipher, and this is exactly when you start seeking out immediate medical help.

With the accurate diagnosis, and timely intervention, chances for a quick recovery get higher in acute pain case. If we now go by an observation, acute pain tends to turn chronic quite fast, if left untreated or avoided for a length of time. Experienced pain specialists usually help patients avoid going into chronic mode by reducing the sternness of the pain, and improving quality of life. Non or minimally invasive pain treatment has been quite a success in terms of achieving goals.

What To Expect From NYC Pain Management

Thousands of patients are coming to get pain management treatment every year. This area of medical primarily involves physicians, neurologists, orthopaedics and other specialists as well, who usually work together to bring a desired result. A successful pain management program requires skills, empathy, patience and also to remain updated about innovations and development, happening in the arena. To talk about one of the renowned pain management clinics in NYC, i.e. NoPainNY, they have an integrated team of doctors, medical assistants, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

NoPainNY holds onto a very personalized approach, when it comes to treating a range of pain conditions. They come up with personalized treatment plans that serve patient’s specific medical conditions and needs. In case you are not aware, pain sometimes has purpose – It works as an alert that you sprained your ankle last week, for instance. However, for many, pain tends to linger for weeks and months, resulting in poor and unhealthy lifestyle. If your pain seems to overstay or has already, you should immediately seek out medical help.

Here’s a brief on advance pain management techniques performed by renowned clinics as NoPainNY:

Heat And Cold

This is a tried and tested method, considered cornerstone in pain relief treatment. People usually tend to undergo home remedies first, but most of the times, they fail to work accordingly. If this has been your case as well, you should immediately start seeking a bit advanced version of this treatment, conducted by professional chiropractors or physical therapists. Heat and cold therapy penetrates deeper into your tissues and muscle, reducing severity of the pain and improving mobility.


As you know physical activities have always played crucial role in treating any sort of discomforts in the body. By disturbing the vicious cycle of pain, it helps improve the functionality and conductivity of your body.

At NoPainNY, you will receive the gentlest aerobic exercises, including as swimming, walking, and cycling.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

This couple of specialties is among the most devoted allies in the war against pain. While physical therapists work towards guiding patients through a series of physical exercises, occupational therapists help patients learn how to perform a set of daily life activities, and in a way that it does not aggravate the current pain condition.

Mind and Body Techniques

Mind and body techniques include mindfulness, meditation as well as exercises. These, when done together, help the body restore strength and control over pain. It also helps the body lessen the fight or flight reactions, while worsening the chronic muscle pain and tension.

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